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Information about KaSztella in English

"Faces of an inner world"

KaSztella is a new approach to astrology and personality-analysis. It reaches back to ancient symbols, archetypes known from mythologies and fairy tales, inherent in the collective subconscious of mankind. The astrological symbols which can be found in our individual birth charts (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars etc.) become real characters that live in our inner Realm (King, Queen, Courier, Lady-in-waiting, Warrior etc.). By acquainting ourselves with these inner figures, there roles and relationships, we get to know more and more about our personality and destiny. KaSztella provides an entertaining way to get to know ourselves and others better.

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An 8-page-long introduction with illustrations:


Sample pages of various chapters of the book translated into English (the final layout editing is missing of course, if you are interested in the final layout, take a look az the Hungarian pages under Könyvrészletek.) - 16 pages long:


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